About Us

Bingaling was our very first bunny. She has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge (2008). But she is the one who started it all. It was her incredible personality that paved the way for 4 other bunnies to be adopted by us. She is sort of a "Bunny Ambassador". So we named our bunny endeavor in her honor. Read below to find out more about Bingaling...

Below (left) is a picture of our little girl, Bingaling. Bing came to live with us in April of 2002 when she was just a baby. Below (right) is her husbun, Piglet. Piglet came to live with us in 2003, and we estimated him to be 2 years old at that time.

Click on their respective links to read about their stories.

Hello! And thank you for stopping by Bingaling Bunnybox!

We are a small enterprise of rabbit-lovers. We have been members of the House Rabbit Society for over 10 years now, and of course, we have pet rabbits. We are located in Chester County, Pennsylvania amongst the rolling hills of farmland and woods. It is out love for our own pet house rabbits and those across the nation (and world) that motivated us to start Bingaling Bunny box. We offer a very special hay grown with the sole purpose of pleasing house rabbits.